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Roberto Bolaño
Duración: 40 horas
Narrado por: Grover Gardner
John Lee
Scott Brick
Armando Durán
G. Valmont Thomas
Productor: Blackstone Audio
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Descripción y Biografías

Best Book of the Year by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, New York magazine and Time magazine.
National Book Critics Award
Best of the Month --Amazon

     This is one of the spectacular audio productions of major works in our time.
“Roberto Bolaño’s surrealist Magnum Opus, set in Europe and South America, is divided into five books, each read here by a different Narrator, each in his way extraordinary."
     Grandiose exploration of parallel lives, secret histories, violence, death, serial killings, real life dramas and invention... but also, so much more!The last novel written by Chilean-born novelist Roberto Bolaño depicting the unsolved and ongoing serial murders of Ciudad Juárez (Santa Teresa in the novel).
     These are the same events that inspired the movie Bordertown with Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas and Martin Sheen.
was greeted across Europe and Latin America as Bolaño’s highest achievement, surpassing even his previous work in its strangeness, beauty, and scope.
     Its throng of unforgettable characters includes academics and convicts, an American sportswriter, an elusive German novelist, and a teenage student and her widowed, mentally unstable father.
     Their lives intersect in the urban sprawl of Santa Teresa—a fictional Ciudad Juárez—on the U.S.-Mexico border, where hundreds of young factory workers in the novel, as in real life, have disappeared.
     The novel is really a compendium of five parts, initially meant by Bolaño to be a series of sequels:  The Part of the Critics; The Part of Amalfitano; The Part of Fate; The Part of Crimes; and The Part of Archimboldi - all linked by varying degrees of concern with the unsolved murders.

     Financial Times:
"As before, Bolaño is preoccupied with parallel lives and secret histories. Largely written after 9/11, the novel manifests a new emphasis on the dangerousness of the modern world...2666 is an excruciatingly challenging novel, in which Bolaño redraws the boundaries of fiction.
“It is bold in a way that few works really are – it kicks away the divide between playfulness and seriousness. And it reminds us that literature at its best inhabits what Bolaño, with a customary wink at his own pomposity, called "the territory of risk" – it takes us to places we might not wish to go."

     El País:
“One of those strange, exquisite, and astonishing experiences that literature offers us only once in a very long time….a writer in full pursuit of the Total Novel, one that not only completes his life’s work but redefines it and raises it to new dizzying heights.”
     Washington Post:
“The Gabriel García Márquez of our time: politically engaged, formally daring and wildly imaginative....[2666] should cement his reputation as a world-class novelist….[Bolaño] exults in his indefatigable storytelling skills and his mastery of an arsenal of styles With 2666, Bolaño joins the ambitious overachievers of the 20th-century novel, those like Proust, Musil, Joyce, Gaddis, Pynchon, Fuentes and Vollmann, who push the novel far past its conventional size and scope to encompass an entire era, deploying encyclopedic knowledge and stylistic verve to offer a grand, if sometimes idiosyncratic summation of their culture and the novelist’s place in it. Bolaño has joined the immortals.” Review:
“Bolano’s true masterpiece....he writes with a horror that is both haunting and deeply humane.”

     Listen to Bolaño’s first novel, The Savage Detectives here

Roberto Bolaño

  Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1953, he grew up in Chile and Mexico City, where he was a founder of the Infrarealism poetry movement.
     2666 is his posthumous work. His first full-length novel, The Savage Detectives, received the Herralde Prize and the Rómulo Gallegos Prize when it was published in 1998.
     Roberto Bolaño died in Blanes, Spain, at the age of fifty.

Grover Gardner

     As Director of Blackstone’s Audio Studios, Gardner took over a month just to audition and cast the book.
     He is himself an Award-winning Narrator with more than 650 titles to his credit.  In this production Grover narrates the saga of the writer Benno von Archimboldi at a compelling pace.
     Named one of the Best Voices of the Century and a Golden Voice by AudioFile magazine, he was chosen Narrator of the Year for 2005 by Publishers Weekly and has earned more than 20 Earphones Awards.

John Lee

      Best Voice in Fiction & Classics: for The Count of Monte Cristo (also here at
     2008 Best Voice in Fiction & Classics: for The Solitude of Thomas Cave and The White Tiger.
     He has read more than a 100 audiobooks of every conceivable genre, including the numerous Bestsellers authored by Ken Follet.

Scott Brick

     His characters’ voices are outstanding.!
     Actor and Narrator Scott Brick has recorded more than 200 audiobooks, winning 18 Earphones Awards.
     He was honored with an Audie® Award in 2003 and with AudioFile magazine’s Golden Voice Award in 2004.

Armando Durán

     Brings his mostly Spanish-flavored section to vivid life. 
     With impeccable fluency in both English and Spanish, Narrator Armando Duran carries the listeners to the Latin ambience of the book and keeps  them riveted throughout the 32 hours of the storytelling.
     Has appeared in films, television, and regional theaters throughout the West Coast.
     For the last decade he has been a member of the resident acting company at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
     A native Californian, he divides his time between Los Angeles and Ashland, Oregon.

G. Valmont Thomas

     He lends ’The Part about Fate’ a deadpan humor.
     A  longtime member of the acting company at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, has also been a faculty member at The Johnny Carson School of Film and Television at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
     His voice may also be heard on a number of video games and advertisements for radio and television.

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